Abbie has become especially drawn to the flora of Western Australia because of its incredible colours and weird and wonderful shapes, forms and textures. She also shares with us her excitement and wonder about Australian sea creatures because of their astonishing colour and their weird and wonderful shapes and patterns.

Abbie moves from the objectivity of realism into the subjectivity of her personal vision. Abbie’s paintings are in sharp focus, yet the subject matter, important as it is as a celebration of our natural heritage, is secondary. Abbie’s subject matter is a vehicle for exploring the formal issues of art making; composition, balance, contrast, pattern, texture and colour. Abbie’s is a unique vision, and the loving reverence she has for her subject matter reveals something of the otherwise hidden dimension of nature. Abbie’s heartfelt connection to what she paints, connects us, (or reconnects us) to the sublime mystery inherent in nature; the untamed, undomesticated, uniquely Australian nature.  And beyond the surface of things Abbie directs our gaze to the essence of plants and creatures and to their spiritual dimension.

Please note: studio entry off Wheeler Street