With an almost insatiable urge to paint from an early age, Brian, self taught artist, born 1932, continues to produce new, often confrontational and controversial, highly emotional works of art.
Working under the logo BE UNAFRAID – DO IT, Many of his subjects far removed from the norm.
However, the mustering scene and people of the outback continue to claim a large segment of his work, as do life drawings, figure paintings and Greek Mythology subjects.
Each year for over 50 years Brian has wandered the lonely dirt tracks of outback Australia recording in sketch form and smaller oil studies the people and subjects of an almost forgotten way of life.
Brian Lover of the country and its people is evident from his work, It is not surprising to find a degree of romanticism where intense feelings are held and this is seen not only in his exploration of the theme of mateship but, also in his use of dream images and passion for Greek Mythology.
He is a story teller through his paintings and thus concentrates on weather beaten scenes and people whose history is etched into the images in which he depicts the ritualized community life of the outback.
For a very different art experience visit the Gallery in the old Convent school building at 40 Campbell street Castlemaine.