Printmaking has been my passion for many years. Recently I have moved to the beautiful Goldfields region of Central Victoria, where I print in my home studio. I am inspired by the natural world; birds, trees and plant life make regular appearances in my prints. A couple of years back I started to make small images of some of the edible weeds that I have identified in my backyard and our local area. This has gradually expanded to include similar plants I see growing by the side of the road in Cyprus, where I spend time travelling and printing.

With my Cypriot family connections comes much inspiration. Recipes, treasured cooking implements and other handmade heirlooms work their way into my prints. These sacred objects have significant meaning to me with their family history and wider historical connections to folk arts and traditional village life.

In my studio you will see hand-made prints – predominantly linocuts and collagraphs – print techniques I have chosen for their economy and ease of production. There are works on paper, framed and unframed. Also a selection of small printed paper sculptures, hand-made cards, books, bookmarks and book plates.