Dividing my work between the disciplines of painting, drawing, sculpture and poetry, I am a contemplative artist.  I am not necessarily looking for detail in a subject.  My main concern is the light, mood, atmosphere and poetry, favouring late afternoon, moody and crepuscular subjects. My focus is always on the interplay between the lights and the darks.  Figures are usually painted in contemplative poses.  I work plein air and in the studio and attend two weekly life drawing and painting groups.  Still life is also a well loved subject. The light falling on a peach, bottles or a bunch of flowers is a most wondrous sight for me. My peers tend to call my work subtle. I’m happy with that.

My fusion and ceramic sculptures are often personifications of nature and animal dreamings with an emphasis on the feminine.  They are often based on my dreams and always to my connection with nature and observations of synchronicity so they are an aspect of myself and my daily life.

I like to write haiku which is often accompanied by small tonal paintings. The verses follow the tradition in that they are nature poems and use the syllable formula of 5-7-5.  The paintings break with tradition and have a distinctly western feel.

I don’t follow art trends keeping true to my own vision and I work from the heart. I consider all of my work to be a meditation.