The main objective of my imagery is the Australian Landscape.  The land and the magnificent skies of my landscape are my most influencing factor. My work is not representational of the landscape but conveys a more subliminal concept, a feeling of awe and splendor. Rather than copying nature I want to interpret it.

This work has been the result of my connection between the land and me.  My eyes are continually being drawn upwards towards the sky.  The soft light and the hazy effect it has on the landscape intrigues me.  The place where the light hits the land on the horizon fascinates me, the effects of the illumination is beautiful.

I use the colours that surround me in the earth and trees’ incorporating the atmospheric qualities of the sky, the texture represents a relationship with this land.  The layering and the scraping back of different mediums and colours has many different significances, representing a symbolic and spiritual reference to this land.

I am away at the moment and very sorry to miss Arts Open 2018. Currently I am working in the beautiful Pilbara and the Great Desert region of Western Australia. This amazing desert country and the people who live here are very inspirational and I’m looking forward to the paintings that will evolve from my experience from living here.

Thank you to Mike Wolfe who has helped me with hanging my work.