My work has been greatly influenced by the experience over the last thirty years of travelling and working in regional and outback areas of Australia. I have taught, worked and lived in remote communities. This has bestowed upon me a great awareness of the Australian landscape, from an alternate point of view. I use abstraction as the method to illustrate this appreciation.
My body of work varies radically. An example being my black and white drawings, using light and shade to portray images that in many cases cannot be produced as dramatically in colour. I use charcoals and soft pastels to create this effect. I also work with modern acrylic paints to create large modern images on canvas. These paintings are contemporary, therefore of a non-traditional or colonial structure.
I anticipate that my work will provide others a grasp of the rugged interior of Australia, away from the familiar coastal fringe. I believe my audience is wide and varied, as confirmation of this my art has been sold to patrons across the nation.
My work has been exhibited in numerous galleries in Victoria and interstate over the years. It is possible to visit my studio gallery at 493 Maldon Newstead Road in Welshmans Reef.