Prue Cole moved to Castlemaine in 2003 to be “back in the bush”. She found that she was in a town rich with artistic and inspiring people offering great opportunities to learn. Prue studied painting and drawing for 3 years, firstly at Continuing Education in Castlemaine, and then at Bendigo TAFE. Since then has held several exhibitions of her work in her Treasure House Gallery. She has enjoyed sharing her space with other emerging artists, and has recently held her first solo exhibition in her home.

Prue is passionate about painting, in particular abstract expressionism and is always happy to share/show her work during regular “Open Studios”

Prue welcomes old and new friends to her home in Treasure Street at any time during the year.

I am an aspiring abstract expressionist painter and a dedicated user of colour in my work. In recent times I have enjoyed exploring drawing with charcoal. I have been encouraged by responses to the exhibitions held in my home. My work is influenced by my years of growing up in the country and my painting is ever-changing according to the mood at the time – each new piece is totally different from the last.

Open: 11am – 4pm